Blocksims ICO

Shehar Yar of Blocksims ICO was contracted to develop a website, and do some database programming for a new ICO by Mobilink-Coin.

Yar was fired after the client realized the website that Yar was essentially a clone from another website UTrust.

Yar did not create a custom website for MC as was the terms in the agreement, but instead just copied all the files from another site.
The screenshot below shows the directory with the UTrust folder still in it, Yar was foolish enough not to even change the name of the
original folder, he just copied everything over.

Then on 1/22/2018 another website was launched by the name representing Blocksims ICO. Yar had access to MC’s database and apparently stole all the contacts. MC members started being contacted by Blocksims attempting to scam them into investing in Blocksims fraudulent ICO.

Recently created a video of their ICO, attempting to validate their offering. The video appears to be convincing, but like any scam it’s all smoke and mirrors.

The video features 2 characters, Elias Rodriguez and Uri Valles who are supposed to be Blockchain experts and advisors for BlockSims.

Smoke and Mirrors

If you pull back the curtain you will see that these to individuals are just actors to make the video look convincing. Their ICO is just an illusion designed to fool investors who haven’t done enough due diligence. This website and others like it are popping up in order to expose these scammers for who they really are!

Elias Rodriguez says on his LinkedIn account
that he has attended 2 different universities.

Imperial College London
Degree Name Postgraduate Diploma
Field Of Study Inertial Confinement Plasma Physics
Dates attended or expected graduation 1989 – 1991

Queen Mary University of London
Degree Name BEng
Field Of Study Nuclear Engineering
Dates attended or expected graduation 1985 – 1989

Pull back the curtain and we see that there are no records of an Elias Rodriguez  attending either one of these universities. A representative from the Imperial College in London stated that in regards to the study of Inertial Confinement Plasma Physics, it really does not exist as a
curriculum, the representative actually laughed at the idea.

Looking at Uri Valles we find the same claims of higher education, which are also false statements, and more smoke and mirrors. This is the first ICO scam we’ve gone after, and we won’t rest until these individuals are exposed, and their fraudulent ICO has been disbanded.

If you know of any other fraudulent ICO’s like Blocksims, please post your comments here. We will investigate any potential fraudulent ICO’s.

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