Blocksims ICO Fraud

I published a post on February 11th regarding the use of false identities and the false images of the players of the Blocksims ICO. I want to give you an update. I called out Blocksims ICO for using the image of Janet Cowell for their bounty manager, Maxine.

Janet Cowell

Maxine Layare Blocksims

I called them out and I am sure Janet’s representatives called them out as well for fraudulently using her image. Now, Maxine has a new image that was pulled from a dating website.

Blocksims ICO maxine

maxine blocksims

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to see the fraud. It just continues on and on.

I have investigated some of the largest scams in the world. Ponzi schemes. Money laundering by the Bank of New York. DoD fraud. Most of my adversaries were very intelligent. They knew how to work a scam. With that said, this Shehar Yar guy who is one of the top ICO scammers in the world is a real idiot. I am almost bored with him. There is no real challenge. I equate him with the schoolboy who steals a candy bar at a local grocer. And his delusions of grandeur, selling himself as a CEO when he lives behind his mom’s house with the goats as a $20 per hour dev hack amazes me.

As the original website developer for the very legit, who was fired for being a fraud last December, who has systematically tried to crap on the Mobilink-coin after stealing their business model, he has the balls to infiltrate the Mobilink-Coin Telegram group to stir up the pot under the handle of Abidhussain Syed.

Blocksims ICO

I tweaked the photo and there he is:

Shehar Yar Blocksims

Lastly, as I was monitoring the Blocksims Telegram room, I observed an individual asking if was going to be approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States and their answer was yes.

Blocksims ICO

This is a complete lie. I would know this because I am a US citizen who made contact with the SEC. Of course, based upon the deceitful practices of the principals of the Blocksims ICO, I already knew this, I reported Blocksims to the authorities, once again.

As I expand on this investigation and the authorities get closer to kicking in the doors of the fraudulent players, please feel free to communicate directly with me if you have additional information. All communication will be held in the strictest of confidence.


Blocksims ICO Investigation Report

Over the past week a lot of information has been put online about the Blocksims ICO, and the claims of fraud. This report will attempt to set the record straight for anyone considering investing in Blocksims ICO.

In 2017 Mobilink-Coin (MC) hired a contractor by the name Shehar Yar. MC contracted Yar to build them a new website for their upcoming ICO, and to do the programming of their database.

Later that year the project was dragging out, and Yar kept asking for more money. He finally presented the client with a mockup of the site, however practically nothing worked correctly, and the site was a mess. The client started doing some research, and found on their server files from another company by the name of UTrust.

Here is a screenshot of what was sitting in the root directory of the MC site

What this shows is that Shehar Yar basically cloned another ICO website, and tried to pass it off as a fully custom site. When MC discovered this, of course they fired Yar from the team, and the project. This is fraud plain and simple, and MC is taking legal action.

In January of 2018, just a couple weeks after being fired from the project, an ICO called Blocksims launched their own website for a new ICO at This site is a virtual copy of the site Yar was trying to fraudulently pass off as a custom site to MC.

In addition, Yar stole MC’s member information from the database Yar had access to when he was on the project. Blocksims then started sending emails to MC members, trying to get them to invest in Blocksims scam ICO. Here is a screenshot of just one of those emails.

Yar then had the audacity to post in public forums that MC stole the design and idea from Blocksims, which is preposterous, as you can see from this screenshot showing that Yar was on the MC team prior to launching his fraudulent ICO.

With just over 1 week until Blocksims ICO launches (my guess is there will all of a sudden be a delay so they can try to get more money from unsuspecting investors), but they have started posting videos that look convincing until you pull back the curtain. Blocksims claims that Elias Rodriguez is an expert and advisor for the ICO.


They claim he attended Imperial College London, and his field of study was “Inertial Confinement Plasma Physics”. An investigator discovered that Elias Rodriguez did not even attend Imperial College London. Furthermore, a representative from the College stated that in regards to the study of Inertial Confinement Plasma Physics, it really does not exist as a curriculum, the representative from the college actually laughed at the idea.


The truth is that Elias Rodriguez is basically an actor trying to give Blocksims some legitimacy.

We hope that if you have been contacted by Blocksims, that you do your own research before you even consider investing. If you find what we found, we encourage you to contact the Securities and Exchange Commission at

Thank you for reading this report.

Blocksims ICO

Shehar Yar of Blocksims ICO was contracted to develop a website, and do some database programming for a new ICO by Mobilink-Coin.

Yar was fired after the client realized the website that Yar was essentially a clone from another website UTrust.

Yar did not create a custom website for MC as was the terms in the agreement, but instead just copied all the files from another site.
The screenshot below shows the directory with the UTrust folder still in it, Yar was foolish enough not to even change the name of the
original folder, he just copied everything over.

Then on 1/22/2018 another website was launched by the name representing Blocksims ICO. Yar had access to MC’s database and apparently stole all the contacts. MC members started being contacted by Blocksims attempting to scam them into investing in Blocksims fraudulent ICO.

Recently created a video of their ICO, attempting to validate their offering. The video appears to be convincing, but like any scam it’s all smoke and mirrors.

The video features 2 characters, Elias Rodriguez and Uri Valles who are supposed to be Blockchain experts and advisors for BlockSims.

Smoke and Mirrors

If you pull back the curtain you will see that these to individuals are just actors to make the video look convincing. Their ICO is just an illusion designed to fool investors who haven’t done enough due diligence. This website and others like it are popping up in order to expose these scammers for who they really are!

Elias Rodriguez says on his LinkedIn account
that he has attended 2 different universities.

Imperial College London
Degree Name Postgraduate Diploma
Field Of Study Inertial Confinement Plasma Physics
Dates attended or expected graduation 1989 – 1991

Queen Mary University of London
Degree Name BEng
Field Of Study Nuclear Engineering
Dates attended or expected graduation 1985 – 1989

Pull back the curtain and we see that there are no records of an Elias Rodriguez  attending either one of these universities. A representative from the Imperial College in London stated that in regards to the study of Inertial Confinement Plasma Physics, it really does not exist as a
curriculum, the representative actually laughed at the idea.

Looking at Uri Valles we find the same claims of higher education, which are also false statements, and more smoke and mirrors. This is the first ICO scam we’ve gone after, and we won’t rest until these individuals are exposed, and their fraudulent ICO has been disbanded.

If you know of any other fraudulent ICO’s like Blocksims, please post your comments here. We will investigate any potential fraudulent ICO’s.

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