TokenGet Under Investigation

TokenGet Under Investigation
TokenGet Under Investigation

TokenGet, and its sister company Blockchain Mob are currently under investigation for alleged theft, fraud, and extortion.

Recently an ICO called Mobilink-Coin made allegations against TokenGet, a company they contracted with to develop the backend of their system, and to facilitate the launch of their ICO. The allegations look credible, especially if you are aware of the fraud that has been taking place within the ICO, and ICO developer side of the cryptocurrency phenomena.

In January of this year, ONECOIN was raided in Sophia Bulgaria as a ponzi scheme, and its servers were shut down, though the fraudulent coin remains operational.

Along with fraudulent ICO’s there have been complaints regarding ICO developers that provide services to ICO’s worldwide. They are based in Sofia, Bulgaria and they build out back offices for upcoming ICO’s, and they structure token systems.

At the point an ICO is about to go live, they lock the clients out of their back office, and try to extort cash, or tokens from them. Many new ICO’s who do not have the funds to start all over again end up paying the extortion.

Something very similar seems to be happening right now to Mobilink Coin. TokenGet is a developer from Sofia Bulgaria contracted by Mobilink Coin to build out their back office for their upcoming ICO. Mobilink Coin alleges that they requested a 3 week extension of their ICO launch, and that Viktor Petrov CEO of TokenGet and Blockchain Mob, threatened to take quote “drastic measures”.

This is very concerning behavior considering Mobilink had already paid TokenGet thousands of dollars in Bitcoin, and was simply requesting an additional 3 weeks before they launch their ICO, and full payment would be made.

Over the next week as stated by Mobilink-Coin:

Somebody with permissions signed into MOBILINK-COIN’s Google-cloud and changed passwords and locked Mobilink out of their back office. Then they stole the company’s payment data, and the mobilink database.

Someone then misappropriated tokens to four separate wallets without the authorization or knowledge of Mobilink. There was a theft or at a minimum, misappropriation of at least 900 million tokens.

These transfers all took place while Mobilink was locked out of the dashboard, and was not able to conduct transfers during this period.

Screenshot of unauthorized transfers

Transaction links:

Is it safe to assume that a reasonable person may think that the contractor TokenGet, and its sister company Blockchain Mob, conducted the theft and fraud that are being alleged?

The allegations are;

Theft of tokens, theft of financial records, data, and extortion.

This is just the first in a series of reports that will be following this investigation very closely, stay tuned.

And by all means if you’re considering contracting any of these developers in Bulgaria, you may want to wait until this investigation concludes before risking any funds.

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